jeudi 11 février 2010

Man's Collection Fall Winter 2010-2011

U-NI-TY distances itself by picking up ideas from the 30’s and the cinema. Ken Loach’s movie The wind that shakes the Barley which deals with the conflict between the Irish community and the English one, inspired the new Fall Winter 2010-2011 collection.

The spirit of the collection comes from this Irish resistance: the natural colors (wine dregs, khaki, heather green, aubergine), the cuts that bring back to mind the country clothes. The fabrics are closed to those used in the 30’s and U-NI-TY has rethought them: velvet fabric, woollen cloth, flannel,cashmere garment dye. The cuts are updated with the special seams and the sleeves are embroidered, which soften the military aspect. We could also find this atmosphere in the presentation of the clothes that reminded the military dormitory, inspired by Kounellis’ minimalist installations.

This collection puts a stress on the “classy hobo” side of the brand, especially with all these handmade pieces of clothing: the embroidered jackets that are enriched by patchworks and the tweed that is colored by spray...

a touch of continuity, folklore and fashion.

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