jeudi 25 février 2010

New York bis

Greg and J-P Gassa are back, and they really enjoyed their stay in that vintage, gigantic, extravagant city.

Greg et J-P sont de retour en France. Ils sont totalement tombés sous le charme de cette grande ville, extravagante et en même temps très vintage d'esprit.

The Rendez-Vous La.Venue

The great Ace Hotel (with U-NI-TY guys?)

A nice pub for a nice drink!

mercredi 24 février 2010

Backstage pictures

Last week we took some photographs to introduce our first U-NI-TY woman's collection, and we asked Greg's friends Ferdi and his beautiful girlfriend to be the models.
Let's have a look at them!

Le weekend dernier, nous avons pris quelques photographies pour présenter la première collection femme U-NI-TY. Les amis de Greg, Ferdi et sa compagne, ont joué le jeu avec brio. Regardez donc, c'est du 100% backstage!

We put some clothes on Ferdi! Nice hat guy!

"No, no, we're not ready yet!"

Who's that guy who's spying on us?


dimanche 21 février 2010

New York, New Yooork!

U-NI-TY is in New York: J-P and Greg Gassa are attending Rendez-Vous La.Venue to introduce the first U-NI-TY woman's collection. They arrived on thursday and chose to stay at the Ace Hotel. They probably gonna visit some flea markets, or go to the Opening Ceremony shop with whom U-NI-TY works (New York, Los Angeles, Japan).

U-NI-TY est à New York! J-P et Greg Gassa participent au salon Rendez-Vous La.Venue pour présenter la toute première collection femme U-NI-TY. Ils séjournent au très branché Ace Hotel et vont probablement visiter quelques friperies, ou se rendre à la boutique Opening Ceremony avec laquelle U-NI-TY collabore (New York, Los Angeles, Japon).

lundi 15 février 2010

U-NI-TY is now on your

Now you can freely download our application on the App Store, and have a look at our new and last collections, get informed of the next events, or find our retailers.
Vous pouvez désormais télécharger gratuitement l'application U-NI-TY sur App Store, et visualiser nos nouvelles et anciennes collections, être informé des prochains évènements ou encore trouver nos détaillants.

vendredi 12 février 2010

Charlie Winston's hobo spirit

As so many artists, photographers, actors, singers, Charlie Winston's character & music inspired some U-NI-TY pieces of clothing. For its new collection Fall Winter 2010-2011, U-NI-TY made a hat that reminds Charlie Winston's one. His hobo spirit totally fits the universe of U-NI-TY which picks up ideas from the 30's, a period of social troubles in the USA (Great Depression, Dust Bowl, homeless people...).

Tribute to Alexander McQueen

Yesterday, Alexander McQueen has been found dead at his home. The fashion world will miss this extraordinary designer, man and friend.

J-P Gassa's drawings for the new collection

jeudi 11 février 2010

Alex Cunha, the model of the collection Fall Winter 2010-2011

For its lookbook Fall Winter 2010-2011, U-NI-TY chose Alex Cunha, a brazilian model considered as the future catwalk star. He perfectly embodies the universe of the brand: young, charismatic, smart and natural, so are U-NI-TY pieces of clothing.

Man's Collection Fall Winter 2010-2011

U-NI-TY distances itself by picking up ideas from the 30’s and the cinema. Ken Loach’s movie The wind that shakes the Barley which deals with the conflict between the Irish community and the English one, inspired the new Fall Winter 2010-2011 collection.

The spirit of the collection comes from this Irish resistance: the natural colors (wine dregs, khaki, heather green, aubergine), the cuts that bring back to mind the country clothes. The fabrics are closed to those used in the 30’s and U-NI-TY has rethought them: velvet fabric, woollen cloth, flannel,cashmere garment dye. The cuts are updated with the special seams and the sleeves are embroidered, which soften the military aspect. We could also find this atmosphere in the presentation of the clothes that reminded the military dormitory, inspired by Kounellis’ minimalist installations.

This collection puts a stress on the “classy hobo” side of the brand, especially with all these handmade pieces of clothing: the embroidered jackets that are enriched by patchworks and the tweed that is colored by spray...

a touch of continuity, folklore and fashion.

The Brand

U-NI-TY vintage was introduced towards the end of 2004 by a Franco-Italian designer Mr J-P Gassa. In an attempt to remain timeless, U-NI-TY vintage is getting close to a civilian uniform, and with the new figure it creates a modern tailoring that has become its trademark.

The inspiration behind the lifestyle collection is a mixture of European culture, modern classics, vintage clothes and military outfits picked up at flea markets in Paris, New York, Tokyo and Amsterdam. It is influenced by photography, architecture... and with all generations of charismatic and elegant icons of style from the music and the cinema. The collection has been inspired by the Savil Row unique know-how and by the Napolitan tailorman master from where the designer took details, particularity and essence.

The aim is to play with codes between seriousness and stylish humour, almost arrogant even provocative, to juxtapose influences to create eclectic figures, to reject conformism. It is a classic revisited nonetheless.

This collection represents the emotions and the attempts relaited to a laidback and male elegance. Everything is a matter of interpretation, the slightest detail is of great importance. A denial of conformism and an effort to go beyond the classics.

Reinventing diversity
Vintage clothes stimulate the imagination