mardi 1 juin 2010

Special project. Paris Fashion Week - COUNTDOWN


Paris Fashion Week


Idea: As we all know the 24th of June in Paris will start Men Fashion week and U-NI-TY will participate in this event. And for everyone who are interested in but who has no opportunity to participate the show we decided to make this Countdown where we will describe the preparation process, share photos and this way you will have impression you are a part of a U-NI-TY team.

23 Days to Show

We have 23 days and plenty of work!!The main inspiration idea for this collection was Highway 1 in California which leads from San Francisco till Los Angeles. Bikers, cowboys, Harley Davidson, sun, wind, freedom, veterans, Mustang, the coast.

So by seeing these pictures you can find out the main idea of the Collection.

For today the Newsletter is ready and here it is.

For the moment we are working on two different and special ideas:

- we decided to make the Show in the new location which reflects into U-NI-TY spirit the most, but for now this place is a secret

- we ll make a special event for our fans and we ll update you asap about.

And now we have to come back to work.

See you soon;)

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